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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

We’re taught that failure is something to avoid at all costs, but our guest today is an example that trying and failing is just part of the learning process on your way to success. Meet Jeremy Delk, a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed industry disruptor who believes that taking any action is better than taking none. He may have learned his lessons the hard way, losing millions of dollars throughout his career, but he would argue that it has shaped him into who he is and created a more satisfying outcome in the long term. His best advice? Keep moving forward.

Show highlights include:


  • 4:58 I made choices in life to take action
  • 6:05 Just get going then get good
  • 8:54 I do not believe that there is anything good or bad that happens to you
  • 18:59 People do business with people…period!
  • 21:13 What I don’t do is ever ask nor care how it’s BEEN done
  • 30:25 Everyone needs to question why they do anything
  • 31:29 You’re not a failure until you give up and stop
  • 33:05 If it’s worth doing then do it now
  • 34:59 People don’t care about you…they care about themselves so stop worrying about what other people think
  • 36:10 Here are some easy ways to Just Get Started
  • 38:06 You don’t value what you know because you know it

You can learn more about Jeremy and his business endeavors at You can find him on social media under JeremySDelk. His book will be released on November 8. 


Or hit us through our Contact Page at and we’ll make a personal introduction.  

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