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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

Marketing can often seem like an unnecessary expense to a small business. As your business grows, marketing becomes more important, and our guest today reframes the conversation around marketing as the best investment you can make in your growth. Mindy Lepp is the marketing director for LEPPDESIGN - a full-service design and marketing firm that offers remote ongoing marketing services to companies in the building industry that have grown enough to need marketing help but are not large enough to justify hiring multiple marketing employees. If you’ve been keeping your marketing small and in-house or haven’t been seeing the gains your competitors have, it’s time to reconsider your approach. 

Show highlights include:


  • 4:56 If you are involved with NAHB in your area you may want to consider supporting the PWB (Professional Women in Building) council for your chapter
  • 8:10 It’s important to establish a starting point or assessment to know what a builder needs for marketing before diving in
  • 11:24 A common mistake we see with builders and remodelers is that they want to cast too big of a net. Their target market is simply too large
  • 17:35 Your website should be clean and simple. Many businesses over complicate their sites and overwhelm the visitor
  • 18:52 You need to let the viewer know what makes you stand out you can’t just state the facts
  • 25:12 What goes into a comprehensive marketing plan
  • 31:08 The audience wants the authenticity

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