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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

In this episode, we take a look back through Season 2 of The Builder Nuggets Podcast. Which episodes were listeners' top picks? Which episodes were most memorable for hosts Duane Johns and Dave Young? Tune in to help us relive the best moments of 2022 and walk away with some nuggets to help you kick off the new year. We're so grateful to our listeners for tuning in every week, and your downloads help us learn what you're most interested in hearing about from our expert guests. We're looking forward to Season 3 and another great year of Builder Nuggets!

Show highlights include:


  • 2:45 What was popular with listeners
  • 3:05 Connor Lokar
  • 8:25 Steve Sims
  • 11:00 Mark Neave
  • 15:35 Brad Leavitt
  • 19:45 Russ Stephens
  • 24:45 What was memorable for Duane and Dave
  • 25:10 Steve Barkhouse
  • 30:55 Tye Alroe
  • 35:50 Warren Barry
  • 41:15 Scott Beebe
  • 45:00 Matt Livingston
  • 49:50 Brandee Izquierdo

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