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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

Perception of the building industry is important to the overall health of the industry. What if young people were taught that the trades can offer a great salary? That they’re cutting-edge, exciting, and cool? Our guest, Tim Minton talks about how the Be Pro Be Proud program is spreading across the country. Its goal is to educate youth about the trades, change the perception of these careers, build excitement through technology, and solve the critical issue of a nationwide talent shortage in these fields. Through a virtual reality experience, kids can try their hand at a trade and learn how much it would pay them. And the benefits are already being seen in a rise in the percentage of young people who participate in the program joining a trade afterward. Learn about the unique solutions being offered to encourage kids to join the industry, and how you can bring it to your area.


Show highlights include:


  • 3:01 The importance of a lobbying group for the construction industry
  • 4:44 The housing affordability issue is at a crisis moment
  • 9:42 How the Be Pro Be Proud program got started. A great collaboration between the industry, the public, the private sector, and government
  • 11:54 Life is about connectivity and the connections you make
  • 17:58 About 40,000 kids a year will spend time in these trucks in North Carolina
  • 23:36  There has been tons of engagement from both the students and the teachers. It’s like a new way of learning
  • 30:24 Keeping the momentum going and spreading the word to young people about  all of the opportunities in the various trades
  • 33:31 Once the trucks appear at a school all of the surrounding schools want to be apart of it as well
  • 39:51 For me it’s one of the most honorable professions out there…somehow we’ve gotten away from recognizing that

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