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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 24, 2023

Higharc is a homebuilding automation platform that helps builders sell, build, permit, and estimate their homes. Truly unique, this is a centralized model where changes are made in real time. Our guest today is Abe Drechsler, who shares how Higharc can streamline processes for home builders and provide the ability to move through the design phase at high speed. Having the right tools can often be the difference between a poor or incredible customer experience. Today we dive into a new tool that could provide immediate value to your business.


Show highlights include:


  • 3:31 Documentary titled “Informal Cities”
  • 5:55 A common thread throughout the world is that people want to play a part or have a stake in the design of their home
  • 9:35 People always ask how to get started…my advice is to just do it
  • 13:02 I have always been interested in technology and process improvement
  • 15:48 In a nutshell HighArc is a homebuilding automation platform
  • 18:15 The system can do in hours or days what used to take months
  • 20:24 Our ideal client is the builder that is looking to do things differently
  • 25:42 Think of it as a home in a box that you can take off a digital shelf and customize
  • 32:09 When the end user can participate in the design they are much happier with the result

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