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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Apr 18, 2023

If you are looking to attract the top talent, systematize your processes across the board, and expand your business, chances are you’re here to find out. Custom home building and remodeling can be very personal, and maybe you’ve never considered the idea that you should be building a business that could be sold - but our guest today is here to explain why this is exactly what you should be doing. Rob Cecil, President of Alair Homes, joins us today to shed some light on why joining your business with Alair Homes through their franchise model can provide the formula for scaling a profitable business that helps you work less.


Show highlights include:


  • 2:58 I was in love with the startup game

  • 4:20 As business owners and entrepreneurs we complicate stuff

  • 5:57 The F-word “Franchise” - Really?

  • 8:40 Franchising allows you to own 100% of your business

  • 12:58 Consolidation allows for acceleration of innovation

  • 17:08 The first question I am going to ask you if I am interested in buying your business is - Tell me what happens when you’re no longer here

  • 22:28 You should strive to have an investment grade business

  • 26:44 Just because you are in control doesn’t mean you are controlling your destiny

  • 32:52 Those that win the talent race over the next 10 years are going to be the ones that succeed

  • 35:10 The contributions from all team members to the group is what sets Alair apart from anything else

  • 41:04 Think about what you could do if you had access to a mastermind like this

  • 47:40 A business should always be treated as a vehicle to achieve what you want out of life

You can learn more about Rob at http://www.linkedin/in/rcecil.

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LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin/in/rcecil


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