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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Apr 25, 2023

Reframing the concept of what it means to be a builder or a tradesperson has been difficult over the years. There are many common misconceptions, and the job of industry leaders is to challenge those misconceptions and shed light on the truth. Graeme Bell joins us today to share his take on changing perceptions through tackling culture shifts, providing educational opportunities, and constructing barriers of entry to build professionalism. What will it take to bring a new generation in and how can we help?


Show highlights include:


  • 3:14 My love for the game of football and big challenges has moved into my career in construction

  • 6:54 I love the intensity that comes with project management

  • 7:38 Collectively, people in the construction industry weren’t looking to educate themselves

  • 12:18 If we want to better an industry lets transfer all of our knowledge and make everybody better

  • 16:42 It’s the people that understand victory and understand defeat that are going to persevere

  • 21:32 We need to change the perception of: “Hey, you have failed at everything else so why not try construction?”

  • 26:50 We need to raise the bar and work towards professional designations for our industry

  • 35:50 Get your team in the game and always be working on self improvement and career development 

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