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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

May 2, 2023

Investing in your business is not as common as you’d think. If you’re an avid listener of this show, you’re actually in the top 10% of business owners who are looking to improve themselves, their team, and their businesses. Today we invite Dr. Sabrina Starling to join us. A phenomenal coach, author, and psychologist, she helps draw back the curtain on the problems that plague builders and remodelers as they work to grow and scale their businesses. Learn how to find what’s breaking down, where you can focus for the most impact, and how to provide yourself and your team with a better quality of life. Stop trying to please everyone, and start learning how to surround yourself with an A Team.


Show highlights include:


  • 4:34 There are high rates of burnout everywhere. 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs are burnt out

  • 6:05 Less than 10% of construction business owners put energy and effort into working ON their business

  • 11:22 The place to start is awareness

  • 15:06 What got you here won’t get you there

  • 18:55 Most of the burnout victims are the ones that are stuck doing it themselves.

  • 19:17 Don’t be a do it yourself business owner

  • 23:40 We need to focus on the $10,000 an hour activities - move the needle

  • 26:03 Complexity is the enemy of profit

  • 30:43 What’s the one result you need from any person in a given role? What is that key result?

  • 41:56 The “Net Promoter Score” is the best way to see if you are pleasing your clients

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