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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

May 9, 2023

The school of hard knocks is a training program many in this industry are familiar with. Our guest today is no different. Will King, owner of High Cotton Homes, shares his journey from fireman turned contractor turned business owner and how he transitioned into a lifestyle that fit his family’s needs. The need for more flexibility in his schedule gave him the push he needed to change everything - but not without some bumps along the road. Join us as we delve into personal and professional growth in an industry that’s constantly evolving.


Show highlights include:


  • 2:10 I never thought I would become a volunteer fireman

  • 3:55 The ability to help people drew me to firefighting

  • 6:03 My experience from working on a farm gave me an understanding of how to put things together

  • 9:18 I had stability as a fireman but something was missing

  • 11:25 When I started my construction business there was a lot of “What NOT to do!” experiences

  • 12:53 In the beginning I was a builder and a firefighter and I quickly got to a point where I was killing myself from working too much - something had to give. I chose building

  • 16:52 Firefighters do a lot of side work and can be a great resource for possible talent recruiting on the trade side

  • 20:42 the ability to be flexible with my time was the biggest motivator for me to have my own business

  • 23:02 I think a lot of builders are scared to hire

  • 24:42 In the beginningIi had no idea I would become a design/build firm

  • 28:55 At the end of the day control is the main benefit of design/build

  • 31:33 When I find out I don't know something it kills me. I have to dig in and learn about it

  • 40:48 My building science wingnut buddies are the mastermind for my construction knowledge but my Southern Living builder group is my mastermind on the business side

  • 47:06 The craziest thing about this business is you never know what’s next

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