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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

May 23, 2023

Technology can be difficult to keep up with. The rate of change is incredible, and training can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority list. Our guest explains the rewards a business can see by investing in this training. Dr. Joe Burgett joins us today to peel back the curtain on a technology most of us have barely scratched the surface of using – drones. More than just picture taking devices, we dive into all the uses these fascinating machines can have in our business and all the ways they might shape the future. 


Show highlights include:


  • 5:48 I help contractors, DOT’s, federal highways, consultants and other groups with drone technology and usage

  • 5:56 I am known as Dr. Drone

  • 15:32 Photo photogrammetry and 3D modeling is one of the best use cases for drone technology in residential construction

  • 19:06 Thermography is another way drones are being used on new and existing structures

  • 21:02 Like any other tool there is training needed

  • 21:35 There are some risks and liability associated with drone usage as well

  • 23:49 You need to be aware of privacy concerns

  • 24:26 Ask permission or don’t fly the mission!

  • 27:32 There are services available for hire is you only do occasional drone work

  • 31:15 A drone is a data capturing device

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