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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

May 30, 2023

The term building science was born in the 80s, and today high-performance homes and energy efficiency are buzzwords used throughout the custom home building industry. Building science is the understanding of air, heat, and moisture flow. It’s been a journey to improve insulation and build tighter houses. Today, our guest shares his vast knowledge regarding energy efficiency and innovation. Gord Cooke joins us with a detailed breakdown of the opportunities facing the building industry and how we can overcome the hurdles in front of us when it comes to sustainability.


Show highlights include:


  • 1:40 When I first got started in the industry “Building Science” wasn’t even a term. The early 1980’s was when it really started to get traction

  • 4:27 We had to understand the science and the unintended consequences 

  • 5:59 Building Science is the study or air, heat, and moisture flow

  • 9:44 Once we started adding insulation to homes we changed the drying capacity - that was the biggest change

  • 11:52 Building Science should be viewed as another tool in the toolbag

  • 17:40 You should make sure new products are properly tested and that you understand all installation guidelines and any inherent risks.

  • Every builder should have a relationship with a building science expert/building envelope consultant

  • 21:53 the goal should always be: Healthier, safer, more durable, more comfortable while making it energy efficient

  • 23:30 It’s really difficult to sell building science as an option - it should be baked in to how you build every time

  • 27:37 Builders and remodelers should always be looking to make homes tighter and tighter from an air infiltration standpoint

  • 33:20 It’s time to recalibrate our thinking and approach to building science

  • 43:53 Reducing the carbon footprint of each home will become a real necessity

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