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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jun 13, 2023

The process of recruiting and retaining employees has rapidly changed in our post-pandemic economy. Today we invite back a seasoned guest to dive deep into the steps you should take to develop a process that puts your company ahead of the rest. Scott Beebe returns to tell us how to define your company culture, when to talk about money, and why onboarding and preparation for the role are even more important than you thought. For those who have struggled with not being able to recruit the talent you want, or constantly feel that talent hasn’t lived up to their potential - this episode will break down how to overcome missteps and pitfalls when building an A-List team. 


Show highlights include:


  • 4 Stages to Finding and retaining great talent

    • Recruiting

    • Hiring

    • Onboarding

    • Ongoing

  • 4:08 We need to like we market for business

  • 7:06 Be careful when casting a big net when recruiting

  • 7:50 Finding a headhunter that understands what you need can be very valuable BUT do not go this route until you have your roles and

  • 9:01 Everyone on your team should be recruiting - take advantage of your existing networks

  • 10:58 Write roles that are unique to your business

  • 14:45 Build a culture that is focused on your vision, mission and core values then people won't leave

  • 19:02 The difference between Nature and Culture

  • 24:34 Throwing new hires into the fire is a recipe for disaster

  • 26:55 Layout a week by week plan for any new hire based on their job role

  • 32:20 Develop a culture calendar with regular check ins with your new team members

  • 36:31 A great way to maintain culture, goal setting and keeping everyone engaged is to hold regular well run team meetings

  • 39:18 The best training is the training that is already built through the job roles and through the process roadmap of your business

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