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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

The building process incorporates many different types of designers, engineers and architects. On the cutting edge, implementing new technology into custom homes is a Technology Designer. These professionals can help shape the experience of living in that home in a myriad of ways. Our guest today has been doing this work for over a decade. Dan Ross joins us to define the challenges of incorporating smart technology into homes, breaks down how to future-proof for a return on investment, and shares his insights into this rapidly evolving field.


Show highlights include:


  • 6:10 Builders were getting frustrated with the Internet of Things and that’s when the large control companies began providing solutions for a single ecosystem

  • 10:05 Technology  needs to be discussed early on for all new projects just as architecture, interior design, structural engineering, etc.

  • 14:10 It’s important to capture and understand all of the subsystems of the home and how they all work together

  • 16:15 It’s all about planning and futureproofing. It’s very hard to install smart home features near the end of the project - after the fact

  • 27:24 It’s important to have conversations with the client, architect, builder and A/V company or integrator about all of the wants and needs and what can be done

  • 28:58 Technology Design is sort of a new category and should be considered an important part of the design phase for any project

  • 31:06 The local trade or technology installer will play a major role into the products used

  • 35:17 There is a significantly perceived increase in value of a home that incorporates technology

  • 42:05 The major manufacturers of smart technology play a pivotal role in educating builders, architects and the general public

  • 43:20 The next frontier of smart homes is the ability to make all of the systems in the home talk to one another and work with one another 

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