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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Sep 12, 2023

Any business owner in this industry has struggled to build a good team, to scale, or to step away from the daily grind. Today, a familiar voice joins us to share his personal struggles through his seemingly meteoric rise through the ranks as a young builder. Nick Schiffer of NS Builders breaks down where he’s chosen to invest, the pushback he’s received, and how he’s choosing to focus his energies moving forward. 

Show highlights include:


  • 2:00 You can love and hate what you do

  • 3:10 Having a fourth child

  • 7:00 How does perfection fit into scaling a business?

  • 13:45 Innovation can make slow progress

  • 18:40 The struggle to focus on one thing at a time

  • 24:07 Risky business transitions

  • 27:30 Reflecting during times of struggle

  • 31:50 Where to invest for the biggest impact

  • 34:00 Learning from a bad hiring mistake

  • 37:15 Investing and building an A Team takes a lot of work

  • 42:00 How to scale when your team isn’t behind you

  • 45:45 It’s hard to stay in your own lane

  • 48:15 To focus or not to focus?

  • 51:00 What’s coming up next and how to get in touch

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