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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Sep 26, 2023

Neighborhood HOAs, high-density apartment complexes, and multi-use developments have become the new common practice in the last few decades as the answer to addressing housing concerns. Hard-fought changes in zoning restrictions and ugly battles that pit generational investments against community growth have crowded out the voices in the building industry that are clamoring for a different type of housing experience. Evan Bost joins us to share examples of success in land use reform and the steps he takes toward the topic in his family’s custom home building business. 

Show highlights include:


  • 3:00 A musician and a home builder

  • 4:25 About Bost Homes

  • 8:45 Evan’s journey into the industry

  • 11:15 Stepping into larger roles

  • 14:30 What was the reception from the team to bringing on family?

  • 16:00 Getting licensed and future plans

  • 18:50 Interest in land use reform

  • 24:50 What is the vision for more lovable communities in the future?

  • 28:50 The younger generations have different desires for communities

  • 34:00 Changes in development feel out of reach

  • 37:00 Examples and barriers of reimagined housing experiences

  • 41:51 What’s coming up next and how to get in touch

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