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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

May 11, 2021

Pamela Durkin has been a professional interior designer for more than 29 years. She has been a speaker at the IDS Southwest Florida Conference on how to help other industry professionals run a better business. Join us for a conversation on how to build a magnet that will attract the best clients, the best talent, and the best of everything else. Be Magnetic!

Show highlights include:

  • How “Magnetic Marketing” attracts your ideal clients and forever eliminates the feast or famine part of contracting (1:36) 
  • Why processes instantly melt stress from you and your clients’ shoulders during projects (2:34) 
  • Does cold calling make you want to puke? Here’s how “social selling” puts sales calls on easy mode (4:28) 
  • How telling stories and setting expectations “ethically forces” your clients to value your services (8:33) 
  • First of all you have to be clear on who you want to attract (11:07)
  • Why wasting thousands of dollars on a business coach is the most profitable investment you can make this year (23:18) 
  • Focus on 3 priorities for the day...then you’re in the bonus round (34:40)

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If you’d like to read Pamela’s book, Elevate!, you can find it on Amazon here. If you’d like to set up an interview to see how she can help your business, send her an email at And you can check out her website at