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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Few young economists present their insights with the authority, accuracy, and humor that this episodes guest brings to the stage. He delivers with charm and candor, rousing and enlightening all who attend his talks. Join us as we have a conversation with Connor Lokar from ITR Economics about leading indicators for the next decade that will position your business to thrive.

Show highlights include:

  • How to know where the US economy is headed by looking at the single family construction industry (4:55) 
  • Why single family homes are still severely underbuilt compared to the pre-Great Recession peak (6:36) 
  • How COVID put the pendulum swing from multi family homes towards single family homes on steroids (8:16) 
  • Why it takes about 11 months for rising interest rates to take a bite out of the market’s momentum (9:43) 
  • When to expect the supply chain chaos to cool down and stabilize (11:19) 
  • The ability to attract and retain labor is going to be a massive competitive advantage in the 2020’s (20:27)
  • Why we’re not in a “Housing Bubble 2.0” compared to an economist (even if it seems like we are) (21:55) 
  • The “Golden Retriever Puppy Mindset” that will make your construction business thrive throughout the 2020s instead of dying (23:11) 
  • Why the 2020s will mimic the Roaring 20’s from 100 years ago (and how to protect yourself from the potential 2nd Great Depression in the 2030s) (35:05) 

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