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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

There is a lot of noise out there these days. Making your business stand out from the crowd is no longer a benefit, it’s a necessity. Our guest Wade Wheeler is going to share with us the elements needed to be unique in your market.

Show highlights include:

  • Broadcast your passion. Broadcast the quirky stuff!
  • How humility robs you from finding more projects (and how to brag about yourself without being arrogant) (1:49) 
  • The “Double P Approach” that makes potential clients line up around the block to work with you (5:42) 
  • General Patton’s secret for creating a raving team that goes above and beyond (13:23) 
  • The “Picasso Policy” that makes money chase you down instead of you always chasing money (18:08)
  • The vital importance of business coaching and outside influence (21:03)

If you’d like to connect with Wade to learn more you can find him at

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