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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jul 6, 2021

We all want to achieve personal and financial freedom through our business but it's not possible without really strong leadership. That leads us to this episode’s topic. Who should be leading your business? Join us for a conversation with international leadership and business coach Gregory Gray. He is the author of Business Owner Freedom: Transform Your Business To Create The Lifestyle You Desire. Greg is also a regular contributor to The Business On Purpose Podcast.

Show highlights include:

  • Why defining the core values of your company culture skyrockets your leadership abilities. (3:30)
  • Vision is where your going...Mission is why you're doing what you're doing...Values are how you’re going to do it. (4:18)
  • How getting input from your key leaders develops the values of your company (8:07)
  • The “Accept Leadership Concept” that turns skilled employees into powerful leaders (9:13)
  • Why hiring a leader who’s strong where you’re weak grows your business like wildfire (12:47)
  • How turning your values into action attracts the leaders you want for your company (18:43)
  • 26:29 No change has ever been made without conflict. Good conflict will lead to positive change

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