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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

The best entrepreneurs have learned that you can’t do everything yourself. A builder-turned-business-coach walks us through his team and shares his insight into how building the right team has created freedom for his builder clients (and himself).

Show highlights include:

  • Why working on your weaknesses is terrible advice that traps you in your business instead of giving you freedom (6:16) 
  • 4 simple questions that reorganize your team so everyone’s working on their highest and best use (9:31) 
  • How building your company like a sports team creates a profitable, sustainable, and scalable construction business (15:19) 
  • Why putting the right people in the right seats can increase their income by 10x and grow your company’s revenue by 10x (23:45)
  • We’ve seen 10x in all kinds of ways and it’s all due to putting the right people in the right seats (25:07)
  • Most of our struggles are because we don’t have the right who (28:20)

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