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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

The success, or failure, of any organization depends on its ability to meet the challenges presented by growth and change, and to make healthy transitions from one stage of development to the next. But in order to do this you need to know where your business is in the business lifecycle?

Show highlights include:

  • One of the biggest mistakes new founders make when starting their business that forever stunts their growth (3:43) 
  • The insidious way success seduces you into making lethal business mistakes (5:14) 
  • How the “Founder's Trap” prevents most construction companies from reaching their full potential (and how to avoid the “Founder’s Trap”) (11:21) 
  • The weird way managing a company with a laundry list of problems that can tank your business is easier than managing a successful company (12:22) 
  • Why having too many meetings in your construction business may be a sign your company’s heading towards a slow death (15:36) 

If you’d like to take a business LifeCycle Assessment so you know exactly where your business is at, you can take a quick quiz at and diagnose your symptoms. 

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