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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Oct 12, 2021

Business owners across all industries are struggling to find talented people. Why is this? You have to take a look at yourself first and ask what makes you attractive to the workforce?

Show highlights include:

  • Why treating recruitment as a business development function helps you attract unicorn talent to your team with ease (3:22) 
  • How being even 1% better at recruiting than your competitors will help you dominate your market (6:07) 
  • Why hiring people before you need them and before their role even exists may the single best recruitment strategy (7:05) 
  • The “ABR” mindset shift for never worrying about finding all-star talent again (8:50) 
  • The #1 most effective, yet overlooked marketing strategy as a small business owner (and how to apply this strategy to recruitment) (10:19) 
  • 4 intangible things your teammates want more than a high paying job (10:52) 
  • How to build an inseparable team of employees who won’t want to leave you (even if there’s a better opportunity) (16:47) 
  • Why waiting for an annual review to check in with your teammates is a recipe for other companies to poach your people (26:57) 

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