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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Nov 9, 2021

From the beginning this builder/remodeler had the end in mind. He wanted to build a well respected, highly successful business that would be saleable in the end and allow for an exit strategy. The problem was he wasn’t sure how to do it?

Show highlights include:

  • The strange way too much prosperity disguises fatal problems lurking in your business (4:31) 
  • Why getting input from your peers gives you an unfair advantage if you want to sell your construction company some day (9:15) 
  • How joining a mastermind helps you close more deals, charge more for projects, and achieve sustainable and predictable profits (especially if it seems like a waste of money) (10:15) 
  • Why pride can bankrupt your whole business (12:27) 
  • The weird “partnering with your clients” strategy that lets you charge more (and makes your clients happy that you did) (14:17) 
  • Why encouraging clients to find another builder helps you land more deals (even if it feels like you’re building your competitors’ businesses) (18:05) 
  • The “Ownership Growth” recruitment tactic that steals higher-paid contractors from huge corporations to work for you (27:22) 

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