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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

Our guest on this episode comes from a long line of builders who have been in the industry for over 110 years, dating back to his great-grandfather. He has proven his expertise in helping hundreds of builders, remodelers, and contractors in the USA and Canada, generate leads and close more sales by using the power of their own online presence. He’s an expert at turning websites into lead generating machines that work 24/7.

Show highlights include:

  • Why focusing on marketing tactics like SEO is like lighting your money on fire (and how to embed various tactics into a full strategy) (5:29) 
  • How a marketing engine helps you consistently make more revenue year after year instead of riding the revenue roller coaster (7:35) 
  • Why relying on word-of-mouth marketing alone will put your construction company in an early grave (especially if it’s worked in the past) (11:08) 
  • How growing too fast during this red hot market can break your business (and how to sustain your level of growth as demand cools off) (11:53) 
  • The simple “FAQ Method” for creating content that drowns you in high-quality leads (15:43) 
  • How video sells your ideal client on you before they even consider a custom home — obliterating your competitors (23:26) 
  • The “Marketing Moat” strategy that can book you out for the next 2 years (29:19) 

If you’d like to chat with Spencer and see how his team can turn your website into a lead generation machine, go to

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