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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

It’s one of the biggest topics in the industry today. How to find good people. Everyone’s competing for talent, but who’s doing it right? Well, our guests on this episode certainly are. These guys have cracked to code on how to reach top construction professionals all across North America. In a six part series, we are going to lay out the myths and truths of what you need to do to win the Talent race.

Show highlights include:

  • The “24/7” mindset shift required if you want to recruit top talent to your team (3:16) 
  • The 6 biggest hiring myths that paralyze your growth, make your business exhausting, and can even bankrupt your company (7:32) 
  • How always recruiting can help you poach the #1 project manager from your fiercest competitor (10:28) 
  • The “Building Your Bench” strategy that prevents your business from falling apart if an important teammate leaves (11:04) 
  • Why treating recruiting like your sales pipeline gives you an unfair advantage at attracting all-stars (14:14) 
  • How building a personality-driven construction company puts recruiting on “expert mode” (and how adopting a process-driven approach makes your life easier) (20:31) 

If you want to learn more about Paul and Ed and the hiring services they provide, you can visit Or hit us through our Contact Page at and we’ll make a personal introduction.  

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