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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

Most entrepreneurs have overcome one, if not all, of the following four things at some point in their life: bankruptcy, depression, the highest level of anxiety, and a traumatic experience. The most difficult thing to overcome is the inherent competition in the world of building businesses. Justin Breen dives into the secrets behind having a collaborative mindset and how you should only spend time and energy with people who get it.

Show highlights include:

  • Just having a colossal bank can make you miserable if you don’t put things like family first (6:07) 
  • The 4 biggest and most common problems for 7 to 10 figure business owners (and the one skill that flips these into advantages) (10:14) 
  • Is entrepreneurship lonely? Here’s how to connect with others going through the same struggles you are (12:36) 
  • The “investment, not cost” mindset tweak that helps you pick the best partners, mentors, and mastermind groups (14:36) 
  • The “Top People” technique that grows your company like a wildfire (without using gimmicks, tricks, or worrying about your competitors) (22:04) 
  • How to find the perfect relationships for your business in a fraction of the time (32:42) 

If you’d like to learn more about Justin and connect with you, you can find his website here: and his LinkedIn here: 

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