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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

May 3, 2022

A business developer shares how she took a top Salt Lake City Custom Home Builder to new levels by practicing, understanding her team’s value, and telling the right stories.

Show highlights include:

  • I really believe in what we do. That’s the most important part (9:15)
  • The weird way the crisis made buyers okay with investing more for their home (17:14) 
  • The 3 critical ingredients for keeping sales coming in as you grow and scale your custom homes business (19:13) 
  • How simply saying your wildest goals out loud can magically help you manifest them (21:04) 
  • How to receive referrals like clockwork (35:42) 
  • In this kind of environment we are selective about what types of projects we do. We simply don’t have the capacity to work with everybody (45:01)

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