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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jun 7, 2022

Our guest on this episode started out as a bricklayer from London, England. Learn how he developed a mindset, habits, systems, and relationships that have got him into some of the world’s most exclusive circles. 

Show highlights include:

  • How to attract wealthy, hassle-free clients by pushing 90% of your prospects away (3:52)
  • Make more money by eliminating a popular payment method from your business (5:30)
  • The “time waster” tells that let you avoid bad clients before they ever work with you (7:22)
  • Draw in your ideal prospects on social media by turning your business profile into a “me” profile (16:09)
  • How to almost guarantee business success by setting goals that seem unachiveable (18:02)
  • The “ridicule” method that creates an environment of supportive entrepreneurs who turn your ideas into thriving businesses (22:17)  
  • How to design a market-disrupting business in under an hour (23:46)
  • The two-minute rule that instantly makes your life more free and exciting (25:48)
  • How to outsource and automate the most stressful part of your business by drawing three circles (30:19)
  • The 1980’s advertising method that’s outperforming Facebook ads in the 2020’s (35:39)

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To connect with our guest Steve Sims:

Podcast is The Art of Making Things Happen

Book is Bluefishing