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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Sep 6, 2022

The residential construction industry is on the back side of the current business cycle. With a tightening market and softening demand you need to ensure you will have enough cash to cover jobs without relying on a Line Of Credit or constantly borrowing money.  Guest Scott Beebe join us and says, “ CAN be done!”

Show Highlights:

  • A well-known book that gives contractors an unfair advantage with their money management skills (9:05) 
  • A tried and tested money management system that anyone can learn and implement in their business today (9:16)
  • How to create your own line of to credit to give you maximum “cash freedom” (without having to pay the bank back) (10:20)
  • The “Banker Trap” contractors fall into that wastes 80% of their time (and how to fix it) (13:50) 
  • A fun little “kindergarten” exercise to do with your team to increase financial IQ (14:05)
  • Why Gen-Y and Gen-Z do not want to work for you (and what you can do to attract the right talent) (20:30)
  • Why you’ll waste all your money by hiring a mentor (and how to find one that actually grows your business) (25:20) 
  • How to use the “RPM” method to make it almost impossible for your team members to leave your construction company(34:50)

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