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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Trent Clark is no stranger to winning. He has three WORLD SERIES rings as a coach. He is the Founder of and Courage Coach LLC. Having spent his adult livelihood among top 3% producers in sports and business, our expert is dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals and attain their dreams through measurable leadership and team development. 

Show highlights include:

  • Leadership secrets from Hall-of-Fame baseball coaches like Sparky Anderson which help your team get results quickly.  (9:40)
  • The most important attribute that make up a winning team  that reduces distractions and confusion (17:50)
  • How to get 100% contribution from every team member in your company (even if they’re natural slackers) (20:20)
  • The simple “CARD” technique for finding and recruiting rockstars into your organization to scale and expand (28:00)
  • How spotting the four "losing" behaviors of your team prevents you from making deal-killing mistakes (28:35)
  • How to develop super star leaders to set your company for scalability (without hiring more teammates) (31:50)
  • The “Grit” formula that trumps talent and sets your team up to win everytime (35:35)

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