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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Oct 4, 2022

Susan & Paul Kadilak are a power couple that place their emphasis on authenticity and creative solutions. Their ability to market their businesses with transparency and personality has given them a growing following on social media which has led to some amazing opportunities.

Show highlights include:

  • The most horrible experience can help catapult your dream career (4:20)
  • When you focus on the work the money will follow (7:56)
  • How to go from small “mailbox” projects to building homes (8:15)
  • The “Reputation” technique that keeps opportunities coming your way (8:40)
  • An “Engagement” formula in social media to build awareness and wildfire growth (32:00)
  • How to easily convert customers at rapid speed (even without meeting them in person) (18:25)
  • Many times clients won't ask questions because they are afraid to admit what they don’t know (27:37)
  • Focus on the work and don’t worry about putting yourself out there. That’s what viewers and followers want to see (33:08)
  • How to have your projects running like clock-work (without the headaches) (38:25)

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