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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Oct 18, 2022

Erika Mosse is a mother, a journalist, a speaker, and a facilitator who works diligently to champion small businesses and women in the trades.

Show highlights include:

  • Why a slow down in the marketplace can position you for better growth (5:45)
  • The threat of private equities buying up smaller companies (and what this means for the future of construction) (15:55)
  • The two things that every construction company should focus on for exponential growth (21:00)
  • This “Mindset” shift will build a company that thrives (without you being there) (20:00)
  • How to avoid “The great resignation” from happening within your company (33:30)
  • The “burnout prevention” technique to do with your team (and to have fun in the process) (35:20)
  • 2X your response rates for maximum profit with this one trick (24:15)

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