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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

The economy is shifting, and buying a home is becoming more difficult not just because of rising interest rates. Regulation, antiquated processes, and red tape have caused the home building process to become so expensive that building affordable housing is next to impossible. John DiMichele helps us wade through the issues the industry is facing and provides his expertise on how to solve them.

Show highlights include:

  • 4:30 The continuation of more consumer access to information is inevitable
  • 6:19 Technology can be an enabler as an information source but it is NOT knowledge
  • 7:33 Consumers are swimming in data but starving for knowledge
  • 14:25 Affordability and availability of new homes will be the next housing crisis our industry will face
  • 17:55 We are seeing a trend towards multi-generational housing. People are living with their extended families again
  • 18:38 What does it look like in10 years if 80% of the homes are rentals
  • 21:40 Search is dead. AI will be able to provide you what you want before you have to actually go looking for it
  • 25:30 The more information you provide the client, with education, the more you become viewed as the trusted guide
  • 40:22 You must get involved at the local level to convince the municipalities that they have to get out of the way
  • 44:10 Consider a lobby group to help you better communicate with your state/provincial and local governments

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