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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Nov 8, 2022

097: Avoiding Self Sabotage with Andrew Wagner


Creating a custom design build company is an undertaking. Running it with the goal of building great relationships with clients and changing the way the local industry culture operates is another level entirely. Andrew Wagner shares his personal journey as co-founder of Maison DesignBuild. With a background in engineering and project management, the learning curve of transitioning to business owner was huge. The value he has placed on taking care of the client above all else has created a constant stream of business without needing any budget for advertising. That has allowed him to grow and invest in all the right places. Andrew proves that leadership is a constantly evolving state of being that requires an investment in your team, your processes, and yourself. 

Show highlights include:


  • 4:30 In the beginning building was sort of a side job
  • 9:40 How can we make a process that isn’t adversarial? How can we build a better experience?
  • 17:34 You need to have a good procedure manual for everything. SOP’s are key to success
  • 20:48 It’s very hard for me to let things go in the field…it drives my team nuts
  • 31:46 The RAM matrix, for roles and responsibilities, helps everyone stay in their lane
  • 36:10 Promoting a culture of continuous learning
  • 37:48 It’s a great feeling when you see things being solved and improved without any input from you as the business owner or manager
  • 46:52 Two versions of yourself; calm and stressed
  • 47:33 Your clients can be your biggest advocates

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