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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 31, 2023

The past two years have been difficult for everyone involved in the building industry with supply chain issues, labor shortages, and cost increases. Today we talk with PJ Antonik, a custom home builder with a successful television series documenting his projects. He shares how he overcame the challenges the pandemic caused his business, the mistakes he made, and what he’s learned to do differently. From difficult layoffs to bigger margins, this episode gets into the nitty gritty of running a successful home-building business.


Show highlights include:


  • 5:46 Even though we are on TV we still have to run a construction business and deal with all of the issues the industry throws at you
  • 8:50 When I am building a spec I am the customer so I have no avenue to ask for more money when material prices go up
  • 11:11 I now build a big enough margin that if shit goes sideways I can get out clean
  • 12:24 There were many things that my dad did with his business that I disagreed with. It hurt him financially and I learned from it
  • 18:48 As a leader failure is not an option. I had to stay positive and get things back on track
  • 22:50 When things are not going well you have to be transparent with your team
  • 24:48 I had to assess all of my risks
  • 30:32 You need to surround yourself with people that will support you
  • 33:40 I am going to put more effort towards building long term wealth through long term real estate investment and passive income
  • 40:08 I am excited to look forward and and work on a better work/life balance in the coming year

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