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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

Company culture is the key that can separate your business from the competition. A positive company culture can align teams, retain talent, and support employees beyond the hours they spend at work. Today, Curt Janzen joins us to share the methods he’s used to build a company culture that stands apart. With help from mentors and learning his blind spots, he’s helped create a vision for his company, Beyond Foam, that he’s eager to share with others to compel an industry-wide shift that could change what we choose to value in our teams.


Show highlights include:


  • 2:50 I have been on a journey to create something that lasts

  • 3:36 Culture will eat strategy for breakfast

  • 6:29 We wanted to diversify rto become recession proof

  •  9:20 We had to sit down and really figure out who we were as a company

  • 10:45 our staff came up with our DNA

  • 18:05 The principals of each one of our team members let to the belief and buy in

  • 22:30 Our ideal candidate for new team members are likely working somewhere else now but don’t know there is something better out there

  • 26:25 We are constantly trying to help our team grow personally and professionally

  • 35:08 We created a human scavenger hunt to help with our training and onboarding process

  • 37:36 We’re like a high performance hockey team 

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