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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Feb 2, 2021

A construction business involves risk. Building on speculation, working with the wrong clients, and other traps that builders may fall into. Making the wrong decision can send you spiraling into debt, lead to fatigue, or put you out of business.

In this episode, building industry thought leader Matt Risinger discusses how to find the right clients, the importance of collaboration and how to avoid debt so your business can thrive. 

Show highlights include:

  • How to find the perfect partner that can propel your business forward faster than you could alone (6:58)
  • The “Free Marketing” method to building a thriving business when you have no existing relationships (8:42)
  • The prolific creator’s secret for pumping out great content that connects to the clients you want to work with (10:25)
  • How video content lays the groundwork for successful client relationship while you sleep (12:25)
  • Software that can help you get out of debt no matter your current financial situation (17:05)
  • A bulletproof method for eliminating time-wasting clients from the start (20:40)
  • How to build the team that lets you step out of your business and enjoy your life (28:05)
  • The “Noble Builder” model that helps every company in your market succeed (37:45)

To learn more about Matt Risinger you can find him at the or follow him on Instagram @risingerbuild

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