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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely and difficult journey. But it doesn't have to be!

The Builder Nuggets community is composed of successful industry leaders like yourself. Award winning builders, remodelers, business coaches, industry experts, and fellow podcasters have come together to share their secrets of success. Our mission is to improve our businesses, our lifestyles, and to move the industry forward by focusing on collaboration over competition.

In this premiere episode of the Builder Nuggets podcast, we discuss the importance of creating a business that thrives using less of your time and why trying to do it all yourself may lead to fatigue and frustration.

Show highlights include:

  • The power of the mastermind and sharing with like minded peers
  • Negative elements steal your time and steal your focus (5:09)
  • How to achieve the breakthroughs that lead you to the business of your dreams (9:10)
  • A mission to help fellow builders (18:50)
  • We continue to discover and share new elements of success all the time (21:05)
    It’s all here if your willing to put in the work (22:15)

To get the most out of this podcast, head over to and join our active community of successful builders and remodelers.