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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Dec 13, 2022


There’s a struggle with every business owner that the passion and hours they put into their business is not always rewarded with more free time or profit. This often stems from not having the proper systems in place, and a lack of forward-thinking leadership. Our guest today is Tim Redmond, America’s Top Business Growth Coach, who shares how he helps business owners manifest their ideal business. Looking to take the next step to scaling your business in a sustainable way? This episode is for you.

Show highlights include:


  • 6:43 This guy actually wants to buy my business
  • 9:30 Creating a business that works for you instead of you working for your business
  • 12:05 Building an investment grade business
  • 14:43 When you are operating on slim profit margins in only takes one hiccup to go upside down
  • 14:53 The real key is to keep things super simple
  • 16:19 Complexity is the enemy to adoption
  • 19:52 You’re either RED or GREEN
  • 20:50 If more than one person is accountable then no one is accountable
  • 25:58 You have to always be looking ahead in your business
  • 42:56 You have to OWN your business

You can learn more about Tim at Home Page - Redmond Growth Consulting or check him out at



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