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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 3, 2023

The building and remodeling industry has long avoided focusing on the mental health of its workforce. Often swept under the rug, there is a staggering number of suicide rates within our ranks, and thankfully it’s becoming a broader cultural priority to address it. With pandemic related challenges like historic supply chain shortages, record inflation, and a lack of qualified employees, it’s time to address the mental health needs of our rapidly changing industry. Luckily, we have Steve Barkhouse returning to the show to share how his company has led the charge to address the mental health needs of his team – and how it affected their productivity, profit, and culture. We hope to encourage you to address the topic of mental health with your team after hearing the benefits that Steve experienced. 


Show highlights include:


  • 7:10  The shocking statistics of suicide in our industry
  • 8:44 We are leaders in our industry but on this topic we need to do more
  • 12:01 Don’t bury your head in the sand about mental health
  • 13:12 Consider bringing in a mental health professional to help with setting up a program for mental health awareness
  • 24:45 Work became a sanctuary. It was the safe place during the upside down world of Covid
  • 29:34 The first step is to just open the conversation about the importance of mental health
  • 31:12 You can expect a healthy and more resilient team if you take some action and work to improve mental health in the workplace
  • 35:06 We’ve had our best year financially after implementing this


Steve has generously offered to share his resources with our audience. Please use what’s helpful for you. Please use this drive link to access the following topics:

Team video 

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Anxiety Depression

Substance Use

lmportance of a Good Night's Sleep

Tools in the Wellness Toolbox

You can learn more about Steve at


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