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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

Giving back to the building industry can be done in many ways. Teaching what you know, donating your time and expertise, and creating projects that build community are all ways our guest today has chosen to give back. David Belman is a builder, developer, realtor, and podcast host who has dedicated his career to building a foundation for others in the industry. Today, he discusses how Belman Homes began, the family transitions that happened to get him where he is now, and where he’s looking to go in the future. Join us as we talk about succession planning, business coaching, and how to be an industry leader.


Show highlights include:


  • 6:38 in the early days it was challenging working through the family dynamic of having both my father and brother transition out of the business
  • 11:34 I made a commitment to helping veterans get access to new homes
  • 12:37 In order to grow after the transition I had to get the business to a point where it could run without me. Working with a business coach really helped with this
  • 15:24 When 2 people are in charge nobody is in charge
  • 15:40 We built a vision, mission and culture for the team to embrace
  • 16:58 I started my own podcast to position myself as a leader in the industry
  • 24:30 I am now moving having a dedicated business coach to more collaboration with other builders and leaders in the industry
  • 25:45 People don’t buy from the company they buy from the people behind the company
  • 25:58 I have strived to achieve expert status in my market

You can learn more about David at or through his podcast Podcast | Belman Homes.

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