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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

What tools, systems, and processes does your business have in place to create a stress-free experience for your clients? What marketing strategy are you using to get those clients through the door? Our guest today is Kyle Hunt, owner of Remodelers on the Rise and host of his own industry podcast. Today, he joins the show to share the wisdom he coaches to business owners every day. From the clarity that is needed to qualify leads to tracking your sales pipeline, Kyle knows how to help business owners build confidence. Listen in to develop your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to lead a successful business. 


Show highlights include:


  • 4:26 Brick by brick I built my business to be very focused on the remodeling industry

  • 5:49 Marketing is getting someone who has a need to Know, Like and Trust you

  • 7:17 It’s important to have a strategy before implementing tactics when it comes to marketing

  • 12:55 Builders and remodelers may have let their guard down when it comes to marketing over the last few years since everyone was so busy

  • 17:56 Most builders and remodelers are not spending enough on marketing

  • 21:10 It’s time to hone your sales skills again. The days of order taking are over

  • 26:35 Get your mind right and get in the zone before you arrive to a sales call or site visit

  • 29:45 Elegantly lead people through your process

  • 34:25 When you struggle or fumble through your sales process it will be very tough to close the deal

  • 37:10 It’s very important to build a clear vision for your team and get them engaged in the success of the business

  • 41:50 You gotta know your numbers!

  • 45:59 What gets measured gets improved

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