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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

To be the leader you want to be, you first need to work on yourself. How uncovering your inner strengths (and weaknesses) can propel your team.

As the leaders in our businesses we spend a lot of effort on the success and development of our team. In this episode we’re shifting the focus to you, and we’ve brought in a pro to help you unlock what’s already there.

High performance business and leadership coach Michael Dauphinee joins us to discuss how to recognize your true potential and remove the biggest obstacle in your way --- you!

Show highlights include:

  • Who are the 6 people that will carry your casket? (3:01)
  • Why achieving your dreams causes burnout (5:10) 
  • How neglecting your health slowly sabotages your business (8:25) 
  • The 4 types of fear that thwart you from reaching your full potential(and how rigorous honesty dismantles your fears) (12:57) 
  • Are you in touch with what actually scares you? (13:57)
  • The “2030 You” mindset shift that frees you from guilt and shame that keeps your business stuck where it’s at (17:06) 
  • How reverse engineering your own obituary helps you 10x the impact you make during your life (18:50) 
  • There are spouses, children and families that are living in the wake of how well you run your homebuilding business (25.23)
  • The simple 4-ingredient recipe that transforms disaffected employees into your most loyal followers (27:14) 
  • How clinging to past success suffocates your future growth potential (and how one question unlocks unfathomable growth) (36:31)

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