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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Show highlights include:

  • How your Shiny Object Syndrome transforms your business into a profit-eating monster (1:20) 
  • 4 core principles of building a lean and mean business that can scale up or down with ease (2:30) 
  • The “Not a Bank” business model that keeps your company lean and mean (even as you scale) (2:41)
  • The dirt-simple car analogy that makes potential clients want to give you their money before you start building instead of making you foot the bill (4:00) 
  • Why bringing marketing talent in-house is less effective and more gut-wrenching than outsourcing (12:57) 
  • How building your construction business like a doctor’s office maximizes your profitability and minimizes your headaches (14:26) 
  • The “Who, Not How” mindset that unlocks true freedom in your business (20:42)
  • Don’t invest in what you don’t need (26:10)
  • Why creating a lean and mean company puts your exit plan on “easy mode” (29:32) 

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