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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Dec 21, 2021

It’s not what can you get but what can you give? When you're passionate about what you do it shows and giving back is one of the best ways to Level Up!

Show highlights include:

  • The “Tortoise” mindset shift you need when joining a Home Builders Association for making it worth your investment (7:48) 
  • How the people inside different builder organizations help you 20x (or more) your business (13:23) 
  • Why writing down your goals with pen and paper “activates” your subconscious to achieve them for you (14:55) 
  • How teaching your expertise gives you unrivaled positioning and makes you better at your job (17:07) 
  • Why growing your business without system in place bankrupts your company, your freedom, or both (18:05)  

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