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The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Nov 15, 2022

098: Let’s Talk About Addiction with Brandee Izquierdo


The stigma of addiction is crippling our industry. There needs to be a path out of it. Our guest today is Dr. Brandee Izquierdo, a prior construction worker who has dealt with addiction in her own life. Now as the executive director of the SAFE Project, she shares a path toward normalizing this disease so we can solve the crisis. Creating awareness, starting important conversations young, and tackling this stigma head on is just the start. More than that, addressing this problem proactively is just good business. Hopefully soon, that will be the industry standard.

Show highlights include:


  • 3:36 Addiction is not siloed. It can happen at work and at home
  • 5:59 We need to have adult conversations without judgment
  • 11:32 Addiction becomes a bigger problem when we ignore it
  • 13:24 People are struggling and we need to show compassion
  • 13:42 We know that construction workers represent about 25% of fatal opioid overdoses
  • 17:45 So much success comes from believing in and supporting others
  • 20:52 You need to provide a support mechanism within your company where people won't feel ashamed or scared to bring up the issue
  • 22:56 We need to support but not solve
  • 25:24 The things to look for in someone struggling with addiction
  • 31:30 Some ways to support and offer help by starting the conversation

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